About Us


In 2010, our partnership was formed with a common passion to enable entities with limited resources to build effective communication channels and reach out to their audiences. We strive to use our education, experience, background and skills to understand the needs and challenges these entities face as we build them affordable yet powerful tools that address their challenges.


We provide affordable yet powerful website solutions to churches, ministries and small businesses. We are committed to stewarding resources wisely so that the greatest good can be accomplished. Based in Canada and United States, we partner with the best service providers in order to provide our clients with superb services and build long term relationships.


We start with your needs and objectives. We work with a strong sense of ethics, integrity, competency, and reliability.Our work process is about transparency and dedication, both on our end and on the part of our clients. Throughout the project development, we listen to your feedback and implement changes as accordingly. We are driven to ensure that everything is delivered as requested, on time and within budget. Your satisfaction means a lot to us, and we aim to make good on our promises. The good word of mouth and recommendations that we receive let us know we’re living up to our goals as a company – to provide the best possible service to every client, every time.

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We work with churches, ministries, organizations and businesses.


Our primary goal is to develop robust websites that help you operate more efficiently.


We will partner with you to ensure you are maximizing your online presence.